Our team

Our team cares so deeply about ensuring that the centre’s residents have the best possible quality of life.


The Foundation’s small yet mighty team reflects our community’s commitment to offer the best for seniors needing long-term care. Under the leadership of Karen Flam, each of our team members has a unique talent, rallying the community to ensure that every resident benefits from innovative geriatric care.

The Foundation’s Staff

Karen Flam


Karen Flam has been the Foundation Director of our sister property Donald Berman Maimonides since 2001. She became the Foundation Director of DBJ in 2014 Alongside her small team of ‘gladiators’ in the office and the incredible Board of Directors, she is deeply committed to the Foundation’s cause.

Karen Feig


Karen knows first hand how important the Foundation is to the residents and their families. Her mother is a resident at Donald Berman Maimonides and so was her grandmother, who was also a volunteer at DBM for over 40 years. From answering the phone and taking donations to data entry and making tribute cards, Karen has been by our side since 2009.

Esther Stroll

Administrative Assistant

Esther has been the DBM Foundation’s administrative assistant since 1999. From ensuring the smooth running of fundraising activities to coordinating donations, she is a deeply trusted member of the team.

Irena Kazhdan


Irena is responsible for all things money-related at the Foundation. She prepares financial statements, manages the budget, coordinates accounting operations, works with the auditors, and takes care of payroll.

Lisa Kasner

Special Projects

Lisa has brought her passion and commitment to many projects, including the Art for Healing Foundation, Project Feel the Love and the award-winning Moment in Time program.

Lisa Blobstein


Lisa has been communicating the goings-on of the Foundation through its many platforms including the website, social media, newsletters and our Perspective publication since 2003. She is also involved with creating all the marketing materials for our events through the dynamic pieces she writes and the important messaging she conveys, she showcases the wonderful stories she sees every day.

A word from the president of the Board of Directors, Randi Gitnick

It has been an honor to be on the board of Donald Berman Maimonides Foundation for 20 years and be able to provide more than care for our residents . My father was at DBM for only a short time , 6 months , however the care he received and programs he was able to participate in, certainly enriched his time . The team at the foundation  is so devoted, always exploring advancements in geriatric care to improve the long term care, and lovingly delivering them .I am so proud to be president of such an amazing Foundation and  to lead the Foundation’s Board of Directors.  I take pride in being a part of this exceptional group. Your generous donations make such a significant impact, the accomplishments make a profound difference in the lives of the  residents.  We are truly grateful for your support.

— Randi Gitnick, President


2023-2024 Board

  • Philip Abbey
  • Danny Baum
  • Milan Bratin
  • Zach Brzezinski
  • Morris Dascal
  • Tina Ferstman
  • Syd Gartner
  • Randi Gitnick- President
  • Lori Goldenblatt
  • Mark Goldman
  • Carly Goodman
  • Jonathan Green
  • Barry Grossman
  • Rob Hirscheimer
  • Jason Katz
  • Mitch Kendall
  • Jasen Kisber
  • Terri Klein
  • Max Konigsberg
  • Steve Kosters
  • George Landau
  • Phil Levi
  • Maria Mangiocavallo
  • Mike Matthews
  • Avi Milgram
  • Johnny Miller
  • Cindy Naimer
  • Freddie Naimer
  • Noah Neudorf
  • Rory Olson
  • Charles Paiement
  • Miri Rozenek
  • Richard Salis
  • Evan Schneiderman
  • Steven Schouela
  • Elliott Schuchat
  • Brad Steinmetz
  • Howard Szalavetz
  • Henry Topas
  • Fred Wenger
  • Lili Yesovitch
  • Lawrence Young